Loss and Solitude

What have we been learning as a group through this time:

We have been learning about giving up things, we have found more solitude than expected in lent.  This has helped us learn what truly matters when everything is taken away, it has helped us understand where our true identity is and especially shown us how important friendships are for helping both parents and children.

How have we been learning this?

Early on in lent we discussed how hard it was to think about what solitude meant, and then towards the end of March we recognised that we could never have imagined such a stripping away of our usual lives as had happened and the sacrifice that that had effectively engendered.  One of the striking things was how important it was for us to meet regularly over zoom.  Before lockdown we would meet once a month, but now we were meeting each week. 

How can we pray for you?

Pray for the effect that the lockdown has had on family connections.  Pray for help balancing home working and children.  Pray that we can be calm and patient and support our families without being grumpy.