A Hymn for a Season 

Two members of Christ Church Stannington are kindly being sponsored by the church to attend a year long diocesan course called Worship 4 Today .They will be attending monthly half day sessions and a 2 day weekend of study and practical work together with personal study. The aims of the course include the nurturing of a foundation of personal worship, grounding in the biblical and historical background of worship, an understanding of worship styles across the church and an increased confidence in practical skills. Among the outcomes should be increased understanding of the theology of worship and development of skills for the planning and leading of acts of worship.
With the above in mind the aim of this series of articles will be to look at a well-known hymn each month and understand the background of how it came to be written, and some information about the author of the words and the composer of the tune. The hymn chosen will often be one appropriate for a particular time in the church's year and the whole series will be part of a portfolio of work being put together for the course.

Please click on the links below to find out more about each hymn.